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By Paul Tully

The caribou in Alaska can relax – well, at least for a few days.

Sarah Palin did indeed go hunting last Saturday, but she was targeting a whole different species of mammal. This creature resides in the Metro-DC area, walks upright, and communicates via white-board. Its full scientific name is Karlimus Rovius, but it is more commonly referred to as Karl Rove.

During her speech at CPAC 2013, Mrs. Palin not only let the left-wing leaders have it, she also drew a proverbial line-in-the-sand and dared the more – shall we say – “moderate” factions of the GOP hierarchy to cross it. (You know, the one’s responsible for giving us such stellar conservative candidates as John McCain and Mitt Romney.)

After some good digs aimed at the president (“More background checks? Dandy idea Mr. President – we  should have started with yours!”) and Nanny Bloomberg (Sarah sent the audience into a frenzy when she pulled out and sipped a Super Big Gulp from under the podium!), it was time to fire a few shots across the bow directed at the man they call “The Architect” and his cronies.

She accused Mr. Rove and friends of worrying more about rebuilding the party than rebuilding the middle class, more about fixing the GOP brand than fixing the country. She firmly stated that “The last thing we need is Washington DC vetting our candidates!” At one point, she even chided Rove to “go back to the Lone Star State and put ‘his’ name on some ballot.” Palin ended her speech by telling the Washington power brokers to “Get over yourself. It’s not about you.”


Karl Rove

Rove wasted little time in firing back, pointing out that he lives in Texas – not Washington. Then, the founder of American Crossroads said of the former Alaska governor’s challenge for him to run for office, “If I did run for office and win, I would serve out my term” – an obvious dig at Palin’s decision to resign from the governorship in 2009.

Now I know your first inkling is to take away their microphones and send them both to their rooms without dinner. I mean, after all, we’re supposed to be on the same side here, right? Or are we?

I’m reasonably sure that those of you reading this will agree with me when I say that the Democrats are the party of big, intrusive, meddling, nanny-state government. That said, under the tutelage of Karl Rove, aren’t we for the same big government that they are, the only difference being “we” want to be the ones who run it?

In sharp contrast, the tone of Governor Palin’s speech hinted at the dawning of a new, younger, more vibrant party. A party whose message should be – as Ronald Reagan once said – stated in bold colors and not pale pastels.

SOURCE: Gage Skidmore

With the emergence of dynamic young guns such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, to name a few, a feeling of political euphoria has found a home with disappointed conservatives such as myself, who want nothing more than to take back our party from the Democrat-Lite loving dinosaurs such as Rove, McCain and Graham. (If I have to listen to McCain and Graham on one more Sunday show…)

Please, don’t get me wrong. I think Karl Rove is a good man, with whom I agree with on a multitude of issues, but the days of the “big spending” Bush era are over! We need a man (or woman) to lead our party who is not afraid to shoot straight with the American people. Someone who is willing to “cut” government spending – not just the rate of projected spending increases.  Someone who’s willing to actually balance a budget and begin to chip away at our massive national debt.

Ayn Rand once said, “The difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time.” If we don’t start fighting the socialist forces within our nation soon, then we will surely see just how right Ms. Rand was!

Paul Tully is a concerned American who believes conservatism is the only solution to our nation’s ills. Destroying the liberal agenda one tweet at a time on Twitter @Papatul